Homework Love

The process. You have to love it because it’s the only way things happen.

If you don’t love it, you need to figure out how to love it. Loving it will save your creative life.

Why am I saying this? Because I recently learned to love my process…the whole process. From practice to breaking down hard parts to learning software to actually figuring out what I want to create. It’s hard. It can be overwhelming and scary. You want to just sit down and begin, but sometimes you aren’t at that level, in that space. So you have to do some prep and play and experiment to find the path you are trying to go down.

Nothing wrong with that. It just takes longer. This is when you have to love it because there will be days when you just can’t get that chord or scene or paint to work right. And you have to stop and go back to figure out how to break it down. This will be the day you hate life. This will be the day you want to shut down and finish the day on the couch watching Bravo.

The only thing that will keep you off the couch is….wait for it……loving the process. Loving the work that goes into creating something. The homework. The behind the scenes. The backstage. Everyone always wants to get backstage thinking its glamorous and cool. It can be. But it can be blood, sweat, and tears. A lot of tears.

But it’s not the end. This is not the end. It’s the process. It’s the part of creation that you HAVE to go through to get to the glamorous part. Don’t worry. It happens to everyone. How you respond is based on how much you trust the process…. And yourself.

The lesson:

Love the process.

Trust the process.

Love the process.


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