#ZeroDraftThirty Day 19

Transparency: The last 5 days have been a struggle. I’ve been staring at this script trying to figure out what to do. I had a plan. I had a rough outline but my characters wanted to go in another direction. I followed and now we are stuck. They just stand there waiting for me to tell them what’s happening, but I don’t know. This was their path, remember. I write things and they perform, but it’s soulless. Their heart just isn’t in it. It’s like they are just doing things because I ask, not because they are natural. We are at odds as to what to do next.
Should I go back to my plan, even though it doesn’t cross this path anywhere or wait for my characters to figure out their own story? Or at least stop hiding the truth from me.
Dear characters: Don’t worry. I’ll still love you. I always will. You are mine. You belong to me and nothing is going to change that. Please trust me with whatever secret you are afraid to share. I may be shocked or surprised, but I’ll still love you. I promise.


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