I know you want it…

The office of your dreams

The office of your dreams

I know what you want. You have this beautiful vision of your future as a professional artist. You want to big space where you can let your ideas spread out. You want that cute office that you designed and that inspires you to create those mind-blowing works of art. I know you want it. I do too. You can help it. W e humans like beautiful things. But to get this you have to start here:

Your Executive Office Today

You office today

Yep…right here in the cramped, cluttered home office you had to chisel out of the living room. I know it doesn’t look like much but it is the epicenter of your greatness. It’s where the amazing-ness happens. Those days when it seem like you’ll never get to that place in your head, you have to power through. Know that everyone who is where they want to be had to start off “here”.

But don’t worry, “here” doesn’t have to last long. It lasts as long as it will if you aren’t working to change it. That’s right….you have to work to change it. You have to have beginnings and ends and in-betweens. You have to fail and start over. You have to learn that new song and be horrible at it. You have to scribble and erase and scribble and erase some more. You have to write, read, hate it, rewrite, read, hate it less, rewrite,…..

Then one day you look up and it’s changed. Here is now there and you are where you want to be.

It’s not hard. You work, it changes. The work is hard. Let’s repeat that. It’s not hard. You work, it changes. The work is hard.

So if you want it….. 


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