Thoughts on The Dead

Dear Walking Dead Fans,

Ok, I get it. I watched this New Years marathon and I got sucked in. I spent the greater part of the holiday glued to AMC and barely remembering what day it was. I get the appeal, but I’m not going to break my neck to catch it every Sunday. I have Downton Abbey to think about (hey, it’s about drama and intrigue not run for your life in the scariest Michael Jackson thriller….ok. You wouldn’t understand). So that being said, here are my thoughts:
1) That episode when Lori died?…. That fucked me up. Tears, man, tears.

2) I like Daryl, he’s cool. In light of something I read before the marathon, I kinda wish Daryl WAS gay. Would’ve made for interesting flashbacks if they ever happened. It would’ve added a new dimension to his relationship with Meryl. But it’s cool, gay or not he’s still badass.

3) I know I’m supposed to like Rick and Daryl, them being the leads and all. But I’m kinda impressed by Carol.  Except for that whole burning Karen thing. That was kinda fucked up. But she’s kinda badass. Michonne is cool too. I wish other people would catch on to the zombie camouflage to keep themselves safe. That katana is the shit. I gotta get me one of those.

4)And the governor, seriously…quit trying to steal other people’s toys. He was like that kid on a playground who was jealous of everybody else’s stuff. I’m glad Michonne got to kill him. She deserved that closure.

5) If ammo wasn’t an issue, I’d retake the prison. But then again the series would get boring real quick. But kudos for the way the “sickness” kept people on their toes. Great way to narrow the focus but let the big problem continue to seep in. YAY!

Ok, well I had to stop watching after the prison/governor story arc finished. I can’t get sucked into this. I watch too many shows where people are constantly killing something, I can’t add another without risking being even more desensitized than I already am. Please understand, I have like 30 shows on auto record and my DVR never gets below 10% free space. I have some very long relationships with other shows and I can let my down. But if/when the next marathon happens, I’ll schedule in the binge watch. Good luck, crew!


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