(Em)Brace Yourself

This blog is not perfect. But then again that’s the point. When I strived to make it perfect I missed opportunities to share and write. As you can see, the gap in writing. Demon dealing takes a lot of energy and time.

So in this blog you will find, at times, rambling thoughts and observations on art, music, writing, life, fear, and other things. It’s stream of consciousness. Maybe I’ll go back and edit, probably not because however it comes out that thought is pure. Glean what you can and leave the rest.

This is my expression of myself, my thoughts, my mind, my art, me. I’m into a lot of things, so there will be a lot of different parts of me. But they all have one commonality…me. In this day and age people are brought to think they have to be one thing. A painter. A doctor. A singer. A writer. A lawyer. But least we forget that some of the greatest thinkers of all time were artists of many things. Da Vinci was a painter, a sculptor, a military weapons designer, and arguably the father of anatomy. Benjamin Franklin was a scientist, a writer, a politician, and printer. So I will cease trying to hide or override my natural curiosities and abilities and embrace the polymath I was born to be.

If you can’t handle it or come correct, that’s not my problem. If it resonates, great! Pass it on and hopefully someone will be inspired. Just know that this is only the beginning….



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