rest of your lifeASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT!!!
Yes, I’m yelling at you. Ask for what you want!!! If you want something, ask for it.

Yes, it can be scary but it’s worth it.

Think about it. It’s the end of the year. Did you get what you wanted? Did you do that thing that was so desperate in your heart that it scared you? Are you better off than you were at the beginning of the year? Would you live this year over again?

If the answers are no, than you need to do one thing right now. Not next year. Not in 3 weeks on New Years Eve. Right now. This Minute. This second. Now!!!

Don’t be afraid. Don’t waste anymore time.  It’s not as hard as you think.

A very good friend of mine has a saying passed down from her mother: “If you don’t ask, you don’t eat.”
Think about that. It applies to everything you want in life… not just food, but love, money, happiness, that job you would kill to have. How hungry are you? How bad do you want what’s in your heart?

This time of year you will be bombarded with stats and polls and lists, etc. telling you how to make next year great. But why wait? Do it now. Start now. Your life is right now, not in a few weeks. Not after the 1st. Now!!!

Why live a life that isn’t everything you want it to be? Why live without the people you want most in your life? How does that serve you? How does that make your life better? Why keep watching other people have the courage to live, when you are perfectly capable of living a great life? Don’t be afraid. There is nothing to fear if you put your heart into it. It may hurt, it may shake you up, but it will never be wrong.

So this is my challenge to you: If there is something in this life you want…something that amazes you, something or someone you can’t stop thinking about, somewhere you’ve been dying to go, something so deep in your heart that it’s the reason why it’s still beating….go out and get. Ask that person if they’ll have lunch with you, call whoever you miss….ask them to visit, start planning that trip, look for a new job, learn something new. Life is too short to live without the people and things and experiences you want most.

One more thing before you go…..and this makes all the difference…..



One response to “ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT !!!!!!

  1. I really like this one and soo true. So thankful we didn’t wait and we’re knocking down every obstacle to get there and where we want to be in our lives. As my coach would say,”if there’s no obstacles on the path your traveling, it’s not the right path.”

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