paul walker 2nelson mDeath always makes us re-examine our mortality. This week we lost two men who’s lives couldn’t be more different. One was a revolutionary who went through hell to bring a voice to his people. The other was a kind, compassionate men who inspired  and entertained others through his talents and compassion. Although their paths in life were vastly different, they both touched millions of people with their lives. They seem immortal. As if death can’t, shouldn’t, touch them.

But if you look at their lives you will see one common similarity, they both LIVED life to the fullest.  They both went all out, day after day. Never looking behind them, always charging forward. They dedicated their lives to helping others through their own foundations and charities. They made the most of the life they were blessed with.

Can you say the same? Can you say you are preset everyday or are you always waiting for tomorrow? Do you cherish your friends and let them know they are important to you? If today was your last day, would you be able to say that you did everything you wanted to do? Would you be able to go knowing you gave 100% everyday? If not, fix it. You have that power to change what you do like about your life. It may take a little time and it may hurt in the beginning but it’s not impossible.

Don’t wait until tomorrow because you still have the rest of today.


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