After the Ah-ha moment

So you found your Ah-ha moment. Now what?

Ever had that moment when you are hit with inspiration? When something you’ve been thinking about suddenly comes to you or you realize something that was so elusive before, but now has incredible clarity? This is called an
“Ah-Ha moment”. Most ah-ha moments comes when you aren’t looking for them or when the universe decides you are ready for the answer.
So you have your moment and then you sit and wait for the flood of amazingness to overtake you. But nothing happens. You wonder, “What am I suppose to do with this now? Where is the afterglow, the reward? Where is the success that’s suppose to follow this life altering revelation?” See this is the part where most people get lost.
The universe showed you a vision, now it’s up to you to make it work. It’s up to you to use this vision and create something.

Listen as Jennifer Lewis offers advice.

Jennifer Lewis hits the nail on the head several times. Although there are many gems that stand out and will be repeated, the one that has stuck with me is ” It’s your job is to do the work.”

That’s it. You don’t get the glittery fallout from the ah-ha moment if you don’t do the work. Glittery fallout requires planning and execution. You can’t sit and wait for it to start raining from heaven, you have to be a rainmaker.

Even the Israelites who received manna from heaven had to DO something. They had to believe and they had to show it through physical sacrifice. You think it was easy trudging through the desert with that tent temple that they had to set up and break down every week? No. But they did it because of a promise that the work would pay off. They would reach the promise land.

That’s what the universe promises you when it presents you with your ah-ha moment. It shows you exactly what that future moment will feel like, how glorious it will be, how amazing you will feel. It shows you at your height of success and happiness.

The universe promises you riches and treasure, but only if you DO the work. Only if you crawl through the mud, only if you sweat and cry and bleed, will you reap the rewards it has offered you. It shows you this so you know what is waiting for you at the end, so you know have something to hold on to when things get rough.

It never said it would be easy, just that it would be worth it.

So this weekend, find your ah-ha moment and then run with it. Make it great. Make it special. Show the universe you are ready for everything it has to offer and then GET TO WORK!jennifer-lewis


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