95 Day Challenge



 Today marks the last 95 days of #2013. This year has passed so quick. I guarantee that these last days will fly by. How will you spend them? What will you do with them? Will you finish strong or let them blow away? You ever watch runners during a race. Not the sprinters, the distance runners. They always have a kick at the last 100 meters or so. Always. They train that way.  No matter how long they have been running, they always kick it in an extra gear at the end.  Lets see if you have an extra gear. The last 95. Run like hell.

I am starting a 95 day challenge. I want to see what I can accomplish if I put all my energy into it. 95 days seemed like a good number. 90 was too cliché and I missed the 100 day mark by a day. So I’m aiming to finish this year strong by setting daily goals for myself in writing, fitness, and art and music. My hope is to create a tide wave of momentum that washes me on to the shore of the life I’m trying to create.

So if you feel you need a little push. By all means, join the challenge. Post your challenge goals in the comments and I’ll be posting my progress as we go. There will be hard days and days when you feel like you haven’t done enough, but remember: As long as you keep going, you are successful.

Happy Friday


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