Just take the first step. The rest will follow

having fun Ever hear the term “Action begets action”? It means if you start something, anything, more of whatever you want to do will happen. Lets say you want to meet people who cook great food. The first step you need to take is finding out where these people hang out, online or real world. The next thing you next to do is take action. Sign up for a cooking class or go to a tasting or hang out at a food truck event. Then something strange will begin to happen. You’ll start meeting foodies and they’ll talk to you and you’ll exchange emails and setup meet ups and pretty soon, you’ll have people who cook great food as friends. You see how that works. You HAVE to take action. Put yourself in the environment that will facilitate the fulfillment if your desires ($20 word score!). Simply put: you have to go where you want to be. You can’t sit at home wishing for something and not doing anything to get it. If you can’t leave the house for whatever reason, lack of confidence or transportation issues, get on the Internet. There are thousands of sites and forums and blogs and whatever else about whatever it is you want. Trust me. You can find people to talk to about any fetish you want. You just have to look.

If you don’t have the friends or little slice of life you want, you need to figure out where it is and get there. It’s not hard. The only thing standing in your way is you. I’ve given you a simple way to meet new people, the people who are interested in stuff you like. Now go out there and meet them.  I know they are dying to meet you.


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