Infinite Beginnings

Last tuesday @ 7pm I was told to look up at the sky….the space station was passing by. It was just a white dot in the sky moving steadly across the clouds. Floating amoung the stars. Six people in a tiny little box floating above me. To put this in perspective, the space station circumvents the earth every 90 mins…but always in the different place.

I hadn’t thought about space since i was a kid and right before that moment I was talking to myself. I was telling myself that ” I am Amazing.” And there I was looking at something awesome sailing across the sky and I thought, ” That’s amazing.” If they can be amazing, why can’t I? Why can’t you? We are no different.

So I say today. Go be amazing. It’s not hard.

This is what Fears and Fire is about….facing the fears you have for changing your life and letting that fire burn until you can think and do nothing else but succeed. Its all up to you. Hopefully if you take this journey with me, you’ll discover a fire of your own.


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